Project Sport, LLC, is a San Francisco-based sports marketing and event management company whose mission is to provide competitive and recreational fitness events for the enjoyment of participants of all ages and skill levels. By creating, consulting on, and acquiring sports properties, we aim to grow and improve just like our athletes train: through constant commitment and a near obsessive aspiration for better results.

Specializing in running and cycling, we serve elite professionals and weekend warriors alike with some of the most challenging and idyllic race courses in the country, coupled with the excitement of a high-energy, vibrant race event production. Our event expos feature vendors with some of the newest developments in sports nutrition, gear, science and medicine.

Project Sport began in 2002 with the US Half Marathon, guiding runners along a 13.1 mile course along San Francisco’s coastline and over the Golden Gate Bridge. That event soon grew into the US Half Marathon Series (originally the US Race Series), adding franchises in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Copper Mountain, Colorado. The company added cycling to its roster as well, as owner and operator of Areté Racing, a NorCal team of pro/1/2 riders.

Currently, Project Sport continues to produce the US Half Marathon Series, which has recently added the spring “Other” Half to the fall San Francisco race that is now in its 9th year. Runners pursue the same course in what now amounts to a full marathon split over two semi-annual dates.

In cycling, Project Sport’s flagship properties include the San Rafael Twilight Criterium and the new Sacramento Grand Prix a criterium race that serves as a prelude to the Amgen Tour of California, greeting Stage 1 of that race at the state capitol. The company also owns the quadrennial San Francisco Twilight Criterium and is extremely proud to be operating its Areté Racing riders as the American Lung Association of California Cycling Team.

Our home base of San Francisco is consistently named among the top of the Fittest Cities in America as researched by the American College of Sports Medicine. Northern California contains the highest concentration of Olympic medalists among its residents. Our vibrant cityscapes, our sweeping, landmark-dotted vistas, and our near-perfect year-round weather provide the ideal backdrop for athletes. Project Sport squeezes every last drop of these benefits out of all our Northern California events, and exports our community’s spirit of active lifestyle, healthy nutrition and sustainable living to every event we produce throughout the country.

Sports marketing is the seventh-largest industry in the U.S., with running and cycling leading the way in participatory, lifestyle sports. Lifestyle sport enthusiasts comprise an enormous market of young, highly educated, financially successful individuals who quickly develop diehard affinities to the brands that support their lifestyle.

Perhaps your brand needs a better way to really connect with consumers. Maybe you need to raise awareness for a cause. Or maybe your city or municipality needs to add a spark to its business district or its entertainment scene. If you need to reach people intimately, we invite you to leverage our knowledge and experience to make those meaningful connections. Tell us your story today.

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